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Even with all the love in the world, family is complicated. Often members of families have different temperaments, sensitivities, and communication styles. Navigating those differences can be challenging. It’s difficult to honor our own and one another’s needs at the same time— especially when we as parents never had our own parents model how to do so.
When you’re so close to something it’s hard to see things clearly. Family therapy can help parents, children, and siblings learn to communicate and understand one another. A family therapist can help family members see how they influence one another’s behavior. Often we can’t see how our behavior and communication is actually creating the very behaviors of our family members that hurt us.
It can be easy to scapegoat one family member as the cause of all the family’s problems. But in family therapy, we focus on the system as a whole— the complex dynamics between all family members that create a broken system. Rather than focusing on one member’s problems, we examine how the entire system needs to heal. As we heal the system, each family member’s needs can be met and we can restore the family’s sense of closeness and peace.

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